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Digital technologies have altered how people and businesses interact. The potential for dislocation from ongoing digital transformation has created unprecedented levels of C-suite discussion. The decisive market leaders have heeded the warnings and taken bold actions. That said, if you’re one of those Chief Technology Officers (CTO) that previously responded to this scenario by making small incremental adjustments to your IT agenda, then you’re potentially at risk. Any relief from those prior tweaks tend to be short lived. The same issues will likely resurface. An Introduction to Digital Reinvention Back in 2013, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) introduced the concept of ‘Digital Reinvention.’ Why is that concept noteworthy? Markets had evolved from organizational centricity, in which manufacturers and service providers defined a predictable state, into a ra... (more)

Java Risks "Overlooked," says Teamstudio CTO

(April 14, 2003) - Anticipating Teamstudio's launch of Analyzer for Java Edition 3, Mark Dixon, co-founder and CTO of Teamstudio, Inc, issued a wake-up call to the Java development community about the inherent, and often overlooked, risks of the Java programming language. "Java is the best thing we've got at the moment, but it is by no means perfect," asserted Dixon, a visionary who helped to redefine the Lotus/Notes tool market in the late 1990s. "It is still too easy to write code that is difficult to maintain, slow to run, and uses too much memory." He continued, "Attempts have been made to address the shortfalls [of Java]. But generally, they are too expensive, overly complex, and difficult to use." Teamstudio's software tools specifically address Java's deficiencies. Designed by and for developers, Teamstudio's Analyzer for Java is the first in a powerful suite ... (more)

Amazon CTO to Deliver Opening Keynote at Web Services Edge 2003 in Santa Clara This Fall

(July 14, 2003) - Continuing its three-year tradition of tech program excellence, SYS-CON Events has ensured that one of the finest and most insightful speakers in the industry will be giving the opening keynote at its Web Services Edge 2003 (West) - International Web Services Conference & Expo, to be held in Santa Clara, CA, Sep. 30 - Oct. 2, 2003. The opening keynote on September 30 will be given by Allan Vermeulen, CTO and vice president of - the world's largest online retailer - and coauthor of one of the classic texts on Java programming, The Elements of Java Style. Allan directly oversees Amazon's Platform Technologies group, which is responsible for guiding's technology architecture, including building and acquiring foundational components. "Allan Vermeulen isn't someone who just talks about Web services, he is someone whose company has... (more)

The i-Technology Right Stuff

Related Links: Wanted: 19 More of the Top Software People in the World Sung and Unsung i-Technology Heroes Who's Missing from SYS-CON's i-Technology Top Twenty?" Our search for the Twenty Top Software People in the World is nearing completion. In the SYS-CON tradition of empowering readers, we are leaving the final "cut" to you, so here are the top 40 nominations in alphabetical order. Our aim this time round is to whittle this 40 down to our final twenty, not (yet) to arrange those twenty in any order of preference. All you need to do to vote is to go to the Further Details page of any nominee you'd like to see end up in the top half of the poll when we close voting on Christmas Eve, December 24, and cast your vote or votes. To access the Further Details of each nominee just click on their name. Happy voting!   In alphabetical order the nominees are:   Tim Berner... (more)

Developer Testing Is 'In'

A few weeks ago Agitar Software announced that Kent Beck had joined their team. I sat down and talked with Alberto Savoia, CTO, and Kent Beck, Agitar Fellow, to find out what prompted the move and what Agitar is up to that is so exciting. JDJ: Kent and Alberto, why each other? Beck: I think the primary motivation for the move is that Agitar is supporting very similar things that I have been working on for a number of years. You have a kind of leverage from working with a commercial company that you just don't have as an individual. The technology is also very interesting. For 50 years it has been okay for the IT group to be sort of closed and not allow the business side to see what is going on until the end. The trend today is toward more transparency. Developer testing is one form of transparency or accountability. In the past business wrote a check and IT deliv... (more)

Brand New Linux Distro Expected To Be a "Solaris Killer"

A stealth start-up in Athens, Ohio whose name is Spliced Networks LLC is on the threshold of announcing a new Linux distribution that its young CTO John Buswell describes as "unlike anything currently on the market." It will supposedly eliminate "bloated package management," allowing for upgrades or rollbacks in less than 30 seconds. To compete, Red Hat, Novell and Mandrakesoft would reportedly have to "completely re-engineer their solutions away from RPM and other package management systems." The company thinks - allowing for market reaction - that it "could spell the end of server operating systems as we know them today, and would likely put an end to Solaris." The Spliced distribution is supposed to upgrade in 15 second without rebooting and roll back in seconds too. Applications supposedly upgrade in seconds with minimum interruption to services. Buswell says th... (more)

As IBM Jumps On Board, There's Just No Stopping AJAX Now

"We've seen the Web moving from a publishing paradigm to an e-business paradigm to an AJAX paradigm." That is the considered verdict of IBM Software Group's CTO of Emerging Internet Technologies, David Boloker. And he's right: AJAX is here, it's growing, and it's (potentially) the biggest thing to hit the i-Technology world since Java. For those who dislike talk of "paradigm shifts" and suchlike, on principle, let's examine why this particular shift is more than just marketeering, for once. For a start, it's not new...only the name is. Which means that the AJAX approach - for it is more an approach than it is a technolog in itself - is in fact already tried and true. Secondly, its naming last year - by Jesse James Garrett (pictured), of Adaptive Path - has caught on not because the i-Technology world needed another acronym - it surely doesn't - but because it is the... (more)

An Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interview with Boloker on "Open AJAX" Initiative

... (more)

Bill Scott: Real-World AJAX Was a Blast

In his "Looks Good Works Well" blog, Bill Scott had an entry on Friday, March 15, 2006, summarizing his impressions of the "Real-World Ajax" conference, which took place on Monday, March 13, at the Marriott Marquis Times Square in New York City. Mentioning several highlights of the day, Scott writes "he especially enjoyed Christophe Conrate from Adobe, David Heienemeir Hansson's Rails talk, Kevin Hakman of Tibco, and Scott Dietzen, CTO of Zimbra." Bil Scott's blog entry can be read here. ... (more)

BEA's Theo Beack Researches Web 2.0 and SOA

BEA's new Deputy CTO Theo Beack is doing "all the cool stuff," according to an exclusive interview with SYS-CON. Beack joined BEA recently, coming over from Software AG. He will be examining Web 2.0 and SOA technologies, to see what can fit within the company's evolving "blended" application strategy. Beack also discusses a Star Trek reference that his admittedly clueless interviewer couldn't figure out on his own, in the interview, which can be found at ... (more)

Laszlo Systems CTO, David Temkin, to give Keynote Address at the 10th International SOA Web Services Edge Conference

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- WHO: David Temkin, founder and chief technology officer, Laszlo Systems, Inc., the original developer of OpenLaszlo, the leading open source platform for building and deploying Web 2.0 applications WHAT: Will give the keynote address, "The SOA Client and the Web's Copernican Revolution," at the 10th Annual International SOA Web Services Edge Conference, co-located with the First Annual Enterprise Open Source Conference, presented by SYS-CON group publisher & editorial director Jeremy Geelan WHEN: Temkin will give the keynote address today, June 6, from 2:00-2:50 p.m. WHERE: Roosevelt Hotel Madison Avenue at 45th New York, N.Y. REGISTER: DETAILS: Before Copernicus, the sun was thought to revolve around the earth; to speak otherwise was to invite charges of heresy. Copernicus eventually re... (more)